"If you are looking for a solution to EMF problem, I definitely recommend the Esmog Balancer device. The results for my family were great. Now we can't see our home without it."
"We keep the Esmog Balancer plugged next to our router. We notice our dog changed his behavior for the better. We also started to feel some kind of positive energy in our apartment."
"I have the Balancer in my electric car. The headaches are gone. I don’t get tired of driving as much. I absolutely love the device."
"We've had the Esmog Balancer in my son's room for eleven months. It has helped settle a few things in his behavior. He was so restless at night that he would fall out of bed. He now sleeps soundly, and his nightmare also subsided. My daughter also goes through rough patches of broken sleep. When she falls into these episodes, she takes the Esmog device from his room and puts it in hers. It breaks her pattern of sleepless nights immediately and helps calm her mood. I would rate the Esmog Balancer a 10 out of 10! It surely made a positive impact on both my children!"

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