Frequently Asked Questions​

The Esmog Balancer is built according to the Swiss quality standards. It was rigorously tested and, according to many customers, exceeds their performance expectations.

Yes. The device does not differentiate the frequency range of electromagnetic emissions associated with communication technologies. It also works with non-ionizing radiation associated with 5G mobile communications. The Esmog Balanser harmonizes electromagnetic fields within its working radius. During the operation of the device, the peak intensity of the chaotic characteristics of the emissions suppressed with a balanced overlay. This creates conditions for adaptation of the human body to the surrounding electromagnetic background, minimizing the effects of negative, stress and discomfort states.

The installation of the device can easily be summarized in one sentence: Just place and plug it near the source of the electromagnetic fields such as Wi=Fi router, a computer, a charging station, or other various household devices. The Esmog Balancer will start working immediately.

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