Frequently Asked Questions​

The Esmog Balancer is built according to the Swiss quality standards. It was rigorously tested and, according to many customers, exceeds their performance expectations.

Yes. The device does not differentiate the frequency range of electromagnetic emissions associated with communication technologies. It also works with non-ionizing radiation associated with 5G mobile communications. The Esmog Balanser harmonizes electromagnetic fields within its working radius. During the operation of the device, the peak intensity of the chaotic characteristics of the emissions suppressed with a balanced overlay. This creates conditions for adaptation of the human body to the surrounding electromagnetic background, minimizing the effects of negative, stress and discomfort states.

The installation of the device can easily be summarized in one sentence: Just place and plug it near the source of the electromagnetic fields such as Wi=Fi router, a computer, a charging station, or other various household devices. The Esmog Balancer will start working immediately.

Conventional scanners use the principles of Newtonian Physics of separation. They measure only specific frequencies and not the overall environmental background electromagnetic fields. The Esmog Balancer works with the overall spectrum of the background non-ionizing electromagnetic pollutions and does not differentiate their frequencies.
The Balancer’s role is not to suppress the electric field emissions altogether but instead to work with the unpredictable, chaotic spikes and impose the right directional spinning energy when the left spinning waves dominate the environment. It is like a wave breaker in a seaport. You do not eliminate waves; instead, make the waives calmer. A similar principle applies to the Esmog Balancer. The device balances the background environment to make it more compatible with organic beings. The Esmog Balancer was designed and functions under the premises of the science of Quantum Physics. It goes beyond the Newtonian laws of Physics.

To our best knowledge, there is no known interference with other equipment. It could be that the use of the Esmog Balancer even helps the other equipment to perform better and to achieve the desired outcome.

The Esmog Balancer works with local, noise-like electromagnetic smog emissions, not differentiated in frequency and polarization. It inverts and superimposes this signal (as antiphase) in real-time on the electromagnetic smog stream. Thus decreasing, damping the amplitude of the intensity of the electromagnetic smog in the local volume of space. It means that the device functions on the premises of dynamic absorption of the chaotic spikes of the electro smog emissions. It constantly adjusts its levels according to the local environment and the input fluctuations. 

It is 14 X 10 X 2.3 centimeters and weighs 275 grams.

The device can cover a radius of up to 20 meters in any direction.

The Esmog Balancer can provide coverage within a multi-level home.

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