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Disclaimer related to the product:
As a legal disclaimer, we make the following declaration: Please note that this declaration applies both to all statements on this website in text form or graphics and to all videos which are part of this website.
So far, the effect of the device has not been scientifically or conventional medicine confirmed. The testimonials, both in text and image form, as well as those shown in videos, reflect the experiences of individual users of the Esmog Balancer. You may or may not have the same experience. The test reports which can be presented both in text and image form, as well as those shown in videos, reflect the individual test results, which were obtained from voluntary test subjects when testing the Esmog Balancer. These tests may, but need not, give you comparable results. We test our products internally according to our quality management system. We do not make any guarantees or claims of their effectiveness. We present our subjective opinion about the device. It is for you to decide if you prefer to use this product or not. The effects of the use of the product were not yet proven by independent testing laboratories. The device is not intended to be used for medical conditions in any way. If you have a medical condition or question, please contact your health care provider promptly.
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